a 55 year old woman fighting off with a leopard has gone viral on social media. The whole incident of the leopard attacking the woman was captured in the CCTV.

Two women were booked by Mumbai’s Charkop police for allegedly beating up a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) employee for urging them to wear a mask as a Covid-19 preventive measure

woman has lost her life and two others were injured as a crane collided with a metro pillar.

Women protesters Against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Mumbai’s Nagpada area on Friday alleged that they were manhandled by Read More

A case has been registered against the Organisers of Shaheen Bagh-like protest in Mumbai and 300 women who are protesting against CAA NRC at Nagpada in central Mumbai for the past two weeks.

The woman, identified as Gunja Kapoor, is a YouTuber. According to her Twitter bio, she is the curator of a channel called ‘Right Narrative’ On YouTube

Gunja is followed on Twitter by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Bhandhup mai Teacher ki Hathodi se Maar kar Hatya Kar Aaroopi Kishor ne Khud ke Ghar se Chalang laga kar ki Aatmahatya