Mumbai weekend lockdown; read what’s allowed, what’s not

April 9, 2021 by No Comments

As the COVID-19 cases in Mumbai continued to rise, the authorities announced fresh restrictions earlier this week.

As per the new guidelines, the state will have a weekend lockdown from 8 pm Friday to 7 am Monday – with no movement except essential services.

Here’s a list of what all is allowed and what is not in Mumbai:

Public Places :

– Weekdays :

(7 am-8 pm) – the movement of no more than 5 people allowed

Weekendays :

Weekendays (8 pm-7 am) and 8 pm Friday to 7 am Monday – no movement except essential services

Beaches :

Closed till 30 Apr

Gardens/Public Grounds :

Open from 7 am-8 pm on weekdays – no more than 5 people allowed

Shops/Markets/Malls :

To remain closed (except essential services)

Essential Services :

Allowed to operate at all times

Public Transport :

Auto rickshaw – Driver 2 Taxi – Driver 50% capacity Bus – Full seating capacity, no standing Private Vehicles

– Weekdays :

(7 am-8 pm) – Allowed

– Weekends :

(8 pm-7 am) and 8 pm Friday to 7 am Monday – Only for essential services

Person Arriving/Departing By Train/Bus/Flight :

Can travel at all times

Industrial Workers Travelling By Pvt Buses/Vehicles Can travel at all times using a valid ID card

Students Travelling To Attend Exam Can travel with valid hall ticket

Government Offices :

50% capacity No visitors allowed

Govt Offices Required For Response To COVID-19, Electricity, Water, Banking and Financial Services

100% capacity

Private Offices :

To remain closed (except essential services, those exempted by Government)

Film/TV Shooting :

Allowed with conditions

Religious/Social/Cultural/Political Functions :

Not allowed

Restaurants/Bars :

To stay closed (except those inside hotels)

Take Away/Parcel/Home Delivery

Weekdays :

From 7 am-8 pm

Weekends :

Only Home Delivery Roadside Eatable Vendors – Only home delivery from 7 am-8 pm

Religious places :

To stay closed

Schools/Colleges/Pvt Coaching Classes :

To remain closed (except 10-12 exams)

Marriage :

Maximum 50 attendees

Funeral :

Maximum 20 people allowed

Newspaper Printing and Circulation :

Home delivery allowed from 7 am-8 pm

Essential Services/Manufacturing Sector/Oxygen Producers/E-Commerce/Construction :

To remain operational

Bar and Wine Shop :

Closed (As per updated guidelines, home delivery permitted)

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