Maharashtra allows Essential and non-essential shops to remain open till 8 pm on weekdays and 3 pm on Saturday

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The Maharashtra government on Monday finally rolled out a notification of easing few restrictions in all the districts which fall under ‘Level 2 and Level 1’ amid COVID-19 pandemic. The state government however has not eased relaxations on 14 districts which include Kolhapur, Pune and Ratnagiri among others.

Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray announced that shops will be permitted to remain open till 8 pm instead of 4 pm

As far as Mumbai local trains are concerned, the CM said that allowing all segments of society would be difficult “in the first phase” as the easing of curbs was being done slowly.

Here’s a complete look at the restrictions which have been slightly eased by the government of Maharashtra:

1) AII essential and non-essential shops (including shopping malls) to remain open on all weekdays till 8 PM and till 3 PM on Saturday. All shops and malls except essential shops to remain closed on Sundays.

2) All Public Gardens and playgrounds can be kept open for the purpose of exercise, walking, jogging and cycling.

3) All Government and Private Offices can be operational with full capacity. Staggering of work hours to be done to avoid crowds while travelling.

4) The offices that can function through working from home should continue to do so.

5) All agricultural activity, Civil Works, Industrial activity, transport of goods can remain functional at full capacity.

6) Gymnasiums, Yoga Centers, Hair Cutting salons, beauty parlors, Spa’s can remain open without use of air-ccnditioners and with 50% capacity till 8 PM on weekdays and till 3 PM on Saturdays. The said services will remain closed on Sundays.

7) All cinema theaters, drama theaters and multiplexes (independent and inside malls) to remain closed till further orders.

8) All places of worship in the State to remain closed till further orders.

9) The orders ofthe State Education department and the Higher and Technical Department will be applicable for schools and colleges

l0) All restaurants will remain open with 50% seating capacity till 4 PM on weekdays subject to adherence to all COVID-19 protocols. Parcel and Takeaway to be allowed as is allowed currently.

11) Restrictions on movement 

12) In order to avoid crowding, restrictions imposed on birthday celebration, Political, Social and Cultural events, elections, election campaigning, rallies, protest marches to be continued.

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