Chicken Consumption is Safe, Chicken Consumption does not Cause Coronavirus

February 13, 2020 by No Comments

Union Ministry of Animal Husbandry has clarified that chicken may be considered safe as no report has so far confirmed its involvement in coronavirus.

Animal Husbandry Commissioner Praveen Malik replied to an email received by the Vijay Sardana, advisor, Poultry Federation of India, clarifying, that poultry was not found to be involved in the transmission of 2019 Noval Coronavirus (nCov) to humans in any report globally.

Thus, with knowledge of present affairs of 2019 nCoV, consumption of poultry and poultry products may be considered safe. The general principles of hygiene, however, may be followed as per the suggestions of the World Health Organisation (WHO) or OIE”, said the commissioner.

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